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30 juni 2017

Altran to test V2X EU standards during the Intercor Testfest from 3 - 6 July

In the near future, EU citizens will be able to benefit from vehicles and road infrastructure exchanging data. With these ‘systems’ cooperating, the opportunities to improve on safety, driver assistance, intelligent mobility and environmental aspects to name a few, will be abundant.

Traffic experts consider this vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure (collectively reffered as V2X) as the next big thing in the international traffic arena. The key factors for a large scale deployment are both technical and organizational. Technical objectives include defining standards to connect while ensuring security and privacy and the organizational aspect of numerous parties from different countries that will be involved will be challenging (public authorities, road operators, vehicle manufacturers, systems suppliers, services providers etcetera). Several of these parties – including Altran - will actively meet each other during the InterCor TESTFEST.

About the InterCor TESTFEST
From 3 – 6 July, the Rijkswaterstaat test facility will be hosting the first TESTFEST, where several international organizations will test in both representative lab environments as in real life traffic. The live test will take place on the motorway A16 near Dordrecht with roadwork warning, probe vehicle data and in-vehicle signage services being available via fixed roadside units. The findings of this test will contribute to the elaboration of harmonized deployment of specifications and EU standards in the near future.

Altran supports the real life traffic test
Altran will contribute to this test supplying a car with a modified onboard unit to show in vehicle signage services such as roadwork warnings, speed limits and closed lanes. In recent years, Altran has played a developing role in several intelligent traffic systems projects. This test allows us to demonstrate our engineering and integration capabilities including vehicle communications (V2X), messaging & interpretation, connectivity, software development, human factors, visualization, user experience, and more.

On Wednesday 5 July, we have a limited but unique opportunity to ride with us in the test car. If you want to see the future of cooperative driving and V2X services, please send an e-mail to jeroen.kersten@remove-this.altran.com.  

For more information about the event, please visit the Rijkswaterstaat ITS G5 Testfest webpage

Altran contributed with in vehicle signage services during a previous test for Rijkswaterstaat on the A16 motorway in 2016