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Transform machine-driven big data into new business

In industries such as the automotive, healthcare, railway and even the energy sectors, the machines are more and more connected and are gradually offering greater access to their data. Massive amounts of data are being harvested by numerous sensors installed in cars, trains, planes, medical devices, etc. The number of connected machines is estimated at several dozen billions in 2020. This new, industrial big data market raises the fundamental question as to how big data can be transformed into new business.

Altran has developed VueForge™, an industrial end-to-end offer for machine-driven big data whereby data is harvested, then transported and transformed into information, which, in turn is converted into services paving the way to new business.

Keith Williams, Group Vice-President of Intelligent Systems/Altran, explained: “VueForge™ is a unique Internet of Machines offer in that it combines technology, usage and new business models which are key to success in the complex domain of connectivity. VueForge™ is underpinned by the expertise of Altran, as well as the technological accelerators developed in-house and a partner ecosystem."

VueForge™, transforming industrial big data into new business