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Risk Based Testing

Make your test strategy affordable

There is an ever increasing pressure on the testing of systems. On the one hand, products are becoming more complex due to the growing software component while the time to market needs to be reduced. On the other hand, the activities preceding the testing usually incur delay. Nevertheless, quality products are to be delivered. Altran provides intrinsically good software thanks to our engineering and testing approach.

Test Managers at Altran claim: "The method using the Product RISKMATRIX tool (PRISMA®) supports the test manager in performing Risk Based Testing. Our software helps testers to create a product risk matrix. PRISMA® ensures that the focus remains on the contents rather than on juggling with numbers in a spreadsheet programme. The idea is to focus on the areas that are most risk-prone, thus increasing the quality of testing. The basic perspective is to test to the level of "good enough" more than to pursue perfection and to try and target every corner of the system. The essential question that testers need to answer is whether a system is good enough to be released."

Altran has developed a dedicated training for the PRISMA® method. This workshop provides an interactive way to understand the Individual steps of the PRISMA® method.

If you are interested, you can download the PRISMA® test tool below for free.