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Model Driven Development

Starting from the right architecture and design

Software is becoming increasingly complex and errors, introduced at even basic levels, are not detected until late in the process. By pursuing a high standard for software quality right from the start of the development cycle, a short time to market achieved. Building high-quality software is in the genes of Altran.

Model Driven Development ensures that software is developed starting from the right architecture and design. Architects and developers are faced with design choices at an early stage. By designing software from a model, deadlocks, live locks and race conditions are avoided. For our software engineers these notions are part of their daily practice. By verifying the model and converting it automatically to error-free code, unit testing is no longer required.

Michiel Soede, Senior Software Architect at Altran confirms: "We notice that by applying Model Driven Development, we can build a working version of a new product in a short time. Developing a correct model also results in high-quality software. It is this combination of speed and quality that I truly value in the Model Driven Development approach."