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Low Power Management

We help you to optimise power consumption of your device

Wouldn’t it be great if your device could work without batteries? If you could comply with international demands regarding energy consumption? If your device could have a longer battery life than your competitor’s? If your device’s energy source were a match for its energy consumption requirements?

Herman Roebbers, Senior Software Architect at Altran says: “In our vision almost everything tangible will become a connected device. The consequence of connecting devices is that we will have to bring electrical power to devices that have never been connected before. In a lot of these cases a power outlet connection is not feasible and changing batteries every few weeks in not doable.” 

Altran is building up her expertise in all aspects of ultra low power embedded systems, focusing on power consumption and power harvesting. We offer you a Workshop / Training to train your employees to optimize the energy consumption of your device. We can also help in analyzing the energy consumption of your device by an energy scan. By matching it to the activities we can advise where to expect the biggest improvements against the lowest costs. And we can optimize your energy consumption by Consultancy. Our broad experience in power mananagement guarantees that we obtain the best possible results for you.