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Agile ensures flexibility during development

Software is only profitable when it is used in the products of our customers. For you, the important thing is to be able to bring your product on the market quickly. Yet there are often reports about failed projects, where a large part could have been prevented by a good approach. That's why Altran prefers to work from the Agile mindset.

Ferdinand Veldmans, Project Manager at Altran, states: "Working with Agile ensures flexibility during the development. By developing in short cycles of 2 to 4 weeks, the desired functionalities and priorities can be adapted. After this period, a working software solution is constantly provided, making the result directly applicable. As a result of this, software is developed in a short time that meets the needs of the customer."

During the software development, it is important to closely monitor your activities in order to work efficiently. Agile methods such as Scrum, Extreme Programming and Kanban can be applied to facilitate this. Thanks to close collaboration, evaluation sessions and an understanding of the completed work, Agile projects run optimally.

Because of the knowledge and experience of Altran in the area of project methods, we can estimate the best approach for every situation.