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Optimized Legacy Software

Altran extends your product life cycle. When software is essential for your product, you will recognize how valuable it is to be able to add new features to your existing product.  However, adding new functionality to your existing software can be quite a challenge due to the quality and stability of existing software architecture and source code. And development of new software is also no option because of time to market and budget constraints.

Therefore, Altran developed the Optimized Legacy Software solution, which enables you to add new features easily to your current products. In a number of steps Altran takes care of the revitalization of your software. Due to the better structured software architecture and improved code quality, you will be able to expand and maintain your software. This will allow new product releases using your existing software, improving time to market predictability. This will also result in an extended product life cycle, satisfied users and additional revenues. 


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Dominique de Wit

Dominique de Wit

Advanced Solution Manager

M. +31(0)6 41 68 16 40 
E. dominique.dewit@remove-this.altran.com