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Continous Qualified Software

Releasing new product features in time by releasing software at a guaranteed quality at any moment, offers major advantages to product manufacturers and service providers. In a competitive and fast changing market you can benefit from a quick response on changing markets and customer needs, meet your committed release schedule and having a continuous insight into software quality.

Altran developed the solution Continuous Qualified Software to transform your software development process into the flexible state-of-the-art development environment you need. We do this by integrating tailor-made pipelines for continuous software test & integration or continuous delivery, realizing or optimizing the agile software development process and implementing a risk based test approach. This also improves your engineers’ way of working and mindset. As a result, this enables you to stay ahead of the competition.


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Dominique de Wit

Dominique de Wit

Advanced Solution Manager

M. +31(0)6 41 68 16 40 
E. dominique.dewit@altran.com