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Big Data Analytics

Wouldn’t it be great to see how your products and systems are utilized by your customers, to have real-time insight in how your products and assets are performing or to actually prevent unplanned downtime by predicting maintenance? Altran helps you to deal with these complex challenges by providing you the Big Data Analytics solution. This solution consists of a unique hardware software playground and the broad experience on how to discover the valuable information out of your data.

This flexible and scalable solution can be provided in the delivery model you want. From a proof of concept to full implementation as a platform or as a cloud service by using our datacenter, Altran can deliver all you need to discover the new valuable data insights. In this way Altran is your partner to optimize your products, services or business model to realize a sustainable competitive advantage.


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Dominique de Wit

Dominique de Wit

Advanced Solution Manager

M. +31(0)6 41 68 16 40 
E. dominique.dewit@remove-this.altran.com