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Energy and Industry

Smart, connected products are being installed in an increasing number of buildings and houses. Honeywell Customized Comfort Products (HCCP) is responding to this Internet of Things (IoT) trend and has developed new functionalities for heating and ventilation systems in partnership with Altran.

Wireless charging of NXP allows multiple devices to share the same wireless charging pad as long as they are compatible with the wireless power transmission technology built into the charging pad.

Customers rarely envision the complex systems that are set up to make their lives easier. For example, everyone thinks it is normal to have enough electricity and gas for their own personal consumption. And yet, this is only possible thanks to advanced technology.

Sustainable development - Renewable energies

Development of a renewable-energy systems concept and design for an energetic autonomy project in Vlieland in the North of Holland.

Altran provides engineering solutions for the specialised Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF) storage systems in India to ensure they comply with regulatory requirements at the structural, thermal and shielding/criticality levels.

Altran provides owner’s engineering (OE) services to the ITER project. ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) is an experimental reactor currently under construction at the Cadarache site. 

Altran’s e-monitoring support services are designed to help customers optimise thermal power plant performances. 

Altran takes over complete software life cycle of major customer in High-Tech Mechanical Engineering. A successful long-term commitment creates added value for all parties.

For our customer, the full cycle of requirement specification to the testing of developed components was too long. As a result of this, specifications were outdated and adjusted several times at the time of delivery of the tools. More flexibility was needed to achieve quick results.