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Knocking is a phenomenon caused by self-ignition in gasoline engines which  limits performance. Future  gasoline engines require  a solution  that  delays the  onset of knocking  and reduces gasoline consumption.  

More and more products and systems have software at their core and are consequently dependent on it for their success. This is exactly why Altran technology solutions was brought in on a project called uCAN (Universal Controller Area Network), a system for remote read-out of data from any brand or model of vehicle. 

TomTom BRIDGE: Connecting drivers with information on Road Work Warning , a project for the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment

Mirror Controls international (MCi), market leader in the design and manufacture of side mirror actuators for the automotive industry, ventured to take the initiative to develop an actuator for an Active Grille Shutter (AGS) designed to capitalize on the latest automotive strategies for reducing both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Video is  the  future  of  communication,  also on the  road. As the  visual  revolution continues, new features are added to video-based driver assistance systems. 

Within the framework of a strategic partnership with a leading German car maker to develop and launch a new high-performance and low-fuel consumption hybrid concept, the client solicited Altran’s expertise in complex projects to develop quality engines and front and rear-axle electric motors.