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As a supplier to the food industry, Vitablend must meet strict laws and regulations, for example in the field of food safety. In this industry the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points &) inventory is very important. Vitablend has secured these control points in its Manufacturing Execution System (MES), to make the workflow in the factory as efficiently as possible.

Smart, connected products are being installed in an increasing number of buildings and houses. Honeywell Customized Comfort Products (HCCP) is responding to this Internet of Things (IoT) trend and has developed new functionalities for heating and ventilation systems in partnership with Altran.

How do you develop a plane that can carry 200 tons from Paris to New York on solar power? 

Dutch Space, the Dutch National Aerospace Laboratory and Altran have developed a flight simulator for the new Joint Strike Fighter. 

Dubai World Central collaborates with Altran on the Dubai Aviation District, the first advanced maintenance services centre dedicated to business jets and helicopters. 

Before a product is launched in a sector as tricky as aviation, its reliability in all circumstances must be verified. This requires specific competences which are not within the scope of all companies. 

Knocking is a phenomenon caused by self-ignition in gasoline engines which  limits performance. Future  gasoline engines require  a solution  that  delays the  onset of knocking  and reduces gasoline consumption.  

More and more products and systems have software at their core and are consequently dependent on it for their success. This is exactly why Altran technology solutions was brought in on a project called uCAN (Universal Controller Area Network), a system for remote read-out of data from any brand or model of vehicle. 

Infotainmentsysteem of TomTom makes driving easier and nicer

Mirror Controls international (MCi), market leader in the design and manufacture of side mirror actuators for the automotive industry, ventured to take the initiative to develop an actuator for an Active Grille Shutter (AGS) designed to capitalize on the latest automotive strategies for reducing both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Video is  the  future  of  communication,  also on the  road. As the  visual  revolution continues, new features are added to video-based driver assistance systems. 

Customers rarely envision the complex systems that are set up to make their lives easier. For example, everyone thinks it is normal to have enough electricity and gas for their own personal consumption. And yet, this is only possible thanks to advanced technology.

For Cochlear, Altran conceived and developed software that allows audio to be transmitted wirelessly to the implanted hearing aid. 

PinkRoccade Healthcare is continually updating its software solutions. 

Prevention is better than cure. Often though, it is also more cumbersome. It is, for instance, very difficult to predict when a certain disease is to come through. Monitoring various physical functions through sensors can be a great help. However, the need for a physical connection with the device is an important limitation. 

Teva is one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, specialized in generic drugs. They mainly focus on developing tablets, capsules and active pharmaceutical ingredients. One of their solutions is a product for the treatment of Multiple Sclerose (MS), called Copaxone.

Obtaining simulation results from complex pharmacometric and statistical models in one or two days instead of one or two weeks: this was the challenge taken up by Altran and SGS-Exprimo.

Working together for years, Altrans experts knew all about the challenges of one of largest universities of the Netherlands.



The people of Amsterdam  rely on Waternet to provide them with  excellent  drinking water from the nearby dunes. 

When you are a renowned high tech company such as Technicolor, the developments in your industry are lightning fast. This means that you regularly have technical and management competence gaps. This is obviously where Altran consultants can jump in - they know the field so well that they can help significantly with innovation and technical management.

Wireless charging of NXP allows multiple devices to share the same wireless charging pad as long as they are compatible with the wireless power transmission technology built into the charging pad.

A control panel with buttons no longer meets the growing number of functionality needs, simply because too many buttons are needed. Hence the move to touchscreen.

For our customer, the full cycle of requirement specification to the testing of developed components was too long. As a result of this, specifications were outdated and adjusted several times at the time of delivery of the tools. More flexibility was needed to achieve quick results. 

At Daikin, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our products. This includes increasing the efficiency and ease of use of installations that have already been deployed in the field. 

Altran takes over complete software life cycle of major customer in High-Tech Mechanical Engineering. A successful long-term commitment creates added value for all parties.

How do we let our suppliers collaborate better and by doing this shorten our time-to- market? 

Altran, Microsoft and Flight Focus will present “NavigaSuite”, the first suite of Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) applications designed by Altran and integrated by Flight Focus on the Windows 8 platform.



Within the framework of a strategic partnership with a leading German car maker to develop and launch a new high-performance and low-fuel consumption hybrid concept, the client solicited Altran’s expertise in complex projects to develop quality engines and front and rear-axle electric motors.



Sustainable development - Renewable energies

Development of a renewable-energy systems concept and design for an energetic autonomy project in Vlieland in the North of Holland.

Altran provides engineering solutions for the specialised Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF) storage systems in India to ensure they comply with regulatory requirements at the structural, thermal and shielding/criticality levels.

Altran provides owner’s engineering (OE) services to the ITER project. ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) is an experimental reactor currently under construction at the Cadarache site. 

Altran’s e-monitoring support services are designed to help customers optimise thermal power plant performances. 

Implementation of organisational changes due to MiFID

  • Changes in processes, organisation, products and information systems stemming from MiFID regulation
  • Management of the project to implement these changes, carried out by several teams within the bank

Altran participated in implementing the organisation of a project to create a completely digital mobile bank.



The aim of the project was to build the prototype for the client’s future banking terminal. Our client, a major player in the financial sector, was seeking an integrated solution allowing it to adopt a dynamic approach with regard to opening and creating new markets.



  • Development of a new employment portal for the European Commission
  • Implementation of flexible office concept for the Municipality of Amsterdam by digitalizing work processes and reducing paper archives

Equipment engineering

  • Global pharma company: new building equipment engineering, qualification and validation

Quality and compliance

  • Global biopharma company: quality system and compliance support for plant modernisation project

Product development

  • Leading medical device manufacturer: development of a flat detector

Development of the quality systems, product qualification and control methods for four cabling subcontractors.



Cross-Media Video Portal

  • Development and deployment of a comprehensive cross-media (3G, Set-Top Box and Web) video portal solution, including the provisioning tool chain