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Our Innovation Makers

Dominique de Wit

“New challenges every day”

With Altran, new opportunities have opened my vision. I joined the Group as a software engineer, but after my first big project they offered me a position in operating system management. Today I’m an Account Manager. Clients rely on me and every day is different. Projects change all the time. My aim is to help our customers reach their goals. The guidance and the focus the company puts on my career path and vision has made me a good manager.

Christian Litjes:

“Inspiring new initiatives”

The main reasons I enjoy what I do so much is because we are a truly innovative company filled with so many motivated people. We stand out from other service providers. There is a lot of room for initiatives and plenty of incentive for hobbyists. Take, for example, the Intelligent Systems/Altran innovation budget that you can use to realise your innovative ideas by creating a hackerspace/workroom for hobbyists (the Altran InnovationLAB). 

Floris Verstegen

“Making a difference”

I took a ‘backpack’ of skills and expertise to Altran, which they helped to develop further. Now I’m more specialized and I have found which direction I want my career to go. By following boot camps and learning on-the-job I’m targeting positions and opportunities that are right up my alley. I realised I had a commercial quality that suited presales activity. I’m now a project leader, and I think I’ll continue climbing the management ladder, leading bigger teams, divisions. You raise the bar for yourself and aim for the next step, then the next...

Johan Waterschoot:

"The complexity behind the seemingly simple"

I love the fact that I work on and with complex systems. Right now, I'm working on the control of outdoor lighting systems, otherwise known as street lamps. It might not sound too complex to you - it turns on and it turns off. Nothing could be further from the truth, there are so many elements involved. Not only error detection, but also dynamic behaviour. The amount of light is adjusted dependent on the situation, like rain or traffic volume. There is an unbelievable amount of information stored within the simple street light. 

Arjen Visker

“Growing in excellence”

My job is to challenge assumptions in order to get better results. Creating a culture of continuous improvement is my goal. Guiding the change is my activity. I joined Altran as Operational Excellence Consultant. I’m a management consultant, not an engineer, so my focus was on implementing change with people. Altran gave me the opportunity to expand my skills and horizons. At the time I didn’t know much about IT, but I did know IT is the future.

Bart Bouwman

“Transforming ideas into products”

I work on assignments that are interesting, that are fun and that matter. It makes me proud that we at Altran work on things that no one else has worked on before in the high-tech sector. For example, I have worked on a finger print recognition system that is now being used in Africa to reduce corruption in elections. How fantastic is that? It gives me a kick to be able to transform ideas into tangible products that are useful for clients. 

Frans Verschuren

“Experience in different disciplines”

After completing my graduation assignment I was immediately offered a contract, and before I knew it I was visiting a client in the semi-conductor industry. You can gain a lot of experience in different disciplines in a relatively short period of time. You can tell your Manager when you are ready for a new challenge. A good and appropriate solution is then sought. This keeps your work interesting and constantly boosts your personal development.

Ranadeep Pal

“Altran offers flexibility”

Altran offers great flexibility, giving us the chance to work on very different projects. And also to work abroad, which is very attractive both on a personal and professional level. With Altran, I realised that there were far more opportunities for learning and developing new skills. I had a much wider range of options than I ever imagined before. Altran helped and continues to help me reach my personal career goals, by letting me choose my training options. It’s a company that helps you grow professionally in the direction you want.


The i-Project

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