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Many people just talk about innovation. We're doing it!

About Altran

Altran supports its clients in the design and development of new products and services and has been advising market leaders from the field of automotive, energy, finances, healthcare, aerospace, railway, telecommunication and transportation for over 30 years. Altran’s consulting portfolio covers all phases of the project lifecycle and has access to extensive technology know-how acquired from the following Solutions: Information Systems, Intelligent Systems, Mechanical Engineering, Lifecycle Experience.

Strategic plan Altran Ignition 2020

Altran 2020. Ignition has been designed to answer the evolving needs of our clients. We increase value of what we offer to clients and clients expect us to be more and more industrial. Hence, we are going to build the world's premier offshore capability in ER&D services. 

Yearbook: A new engineering horizon

This yearbook describes the profound changes that are driving shifts in client needs and expectations worldwide and presents the company’s response on the Altran 2020. Ignition plan.